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Perforating Leather, Vinyl and roll materials for top product manufacturers is our speciality!

Located & processing in the UK, our contract perforation department has the latest technology perforation machinery made with decades of experience from our German machine supplier. Perforated products are becoming more common in the modern world as the demand for new technology & for alternative ways of using materials is rising, perforated materials are used for a vast variety of reasons, from filtering liquids to allowing air to travel through the perforations for the heating & cooling of seats, perforated materials are becoming more popular as different ways of using the perforations are discovered for both commercial uses or simply for design.

Materials that we are currently perforating for manufacturers in the UK & internationally include:
Leather, Vinyl, Artificial leather, Alcantara, Genuine Suede, Foam backed materials, Wool Cloth, Neoprene, Paper, Plastic film, Release paper & many more…
Our perforation tooling uses the “Patrix-matrix system” with tempered pins & cutting plates according to the scissor type principle which results in the highest quality perforation available.
This type of tooling requires regular sharpening & maintenance to keep the quality of the service we offer, all maintenance & sharpening is carried out in-house at our workshop here in the UK.

The patterns are all symmetrical because the CNC programming of the machine stamps the amount of forward movement we pre-set in millimetres, the sideways distance between the pins is non-adjustable & tool dependant, so when each pattern is set on the CNC, the pattern stays the same throughout the whole production run.
We can set our machine up to carry out “roll to roll” continuous perforating, individual sheet materials or small pre-cut items on a conveyer belt system.

We have tooling to allow us to produce the popular holes and
standard patterns used in a wide range of industries, for example: Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Fashion, Design, Filtration, Flotation, Packaging, Advertisement & many more.
Here at UK Perforation Service we understand that some customers have their individual specific needs, that is why we are dedicated to working alongside our customers to build working relationships, we can offer a clean room environment, fitted with easy clean hygiene surfaces & H1 food spec lubricants allowing us to process packaging materials that are used in the food industry.

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